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East High Elite Sorting

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you want me to say something about a musical? Okay. Something about a musical. Apr. 8th, 2007 @ 05:02 pm
Name: Charlz
Age: 15
Referral: (please list the person's username if it was posted in a community) shownemotion


ApplicationCollapse )

Week 12 results Apr. 8th, 2007 @ 09:37 am
halfbloodfemale (app)
Points: 6

Points: 0

Points: 2

Current standings:
Jocks - 289
Actors - 203
Brainiacs - 153

Active members are cool.

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Musicals: Fusing the three greatest arts. Apr. 1st, 2007 @ 03:03 pm

Name: Shannon 
Age: 13
Referral: I searched it.


Current Location: Glossop, England
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Week 11 results Apr. 1st, 2007 @ 06:59 am
We finally got another application after three weeks

Points earned: 6

Points earned: 11

timl (app)
Points earned: 6

Thanks to Nora (unwrittenformat), Patricia (5caandalous), Morgan (britain), Missy (my_badgers_27), Steffie (spellbounded), Sam (meowshi), Angelica (lovergirl993), and Maia (rocker_ash01) for sorting the application.

Special thanks to Nora, Morgan, Missy, Steffie, Angelica, Sam, and Maia for sorting on a pretty regular basis.

Point totals
Jocks - 287
Actors - 197
Brainiacs - 153

I can't stress how much participation is important if you want your clique to be in 1st place. The jocks have been in first since the beginning because they have members that regularly participate in sorting, challenges, and promote. If you want your team to move ahead, promote (like Angelica did in her user info, she's the reason Tim submitted his application. Well, part of the reason). Each referral earns 5 points toward your clique's total. Sort all the applications you can before they're stamped so you can earn as many points possible.

Stef and I were thinking of having another challenge but we have to work out all the details first. I encourage all of you to participate in the discussions in the meantime. There's no point in joining this community if you're just going to have your application sorted and then never do anything with the communities afterwards.

We have close to 40 members now and only nine members sorted Tim's application. The sad part is that was the most members we've had sort any application. Normally there's only about five to seven members that sort each application. It's always the same people that sort and participate in discussions. I don't know about the other officers but I'm pretty disappointed with the lack of participation in here. I kept thinking more people would participate later. Well it's later and we still have the same people sorting each application and participating in the discussions. I even posted two reminders in easthighelite this week but it didn't help. Where is everybody?

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Week 10 results Mar. 4th, 2007 @ 07:23 am
We actually got an application!

Points earned this week: 6

trouble615 (app)
Points earned this week: 2

Points earned this week: 2

Clique point totals
Jocks - 268
Actors 197
Brainiacs - 128

The point totals are fairly accurate, but I'm going to go back and count again just in case.

Jocks - 281
Actors - 191
Brainiacs - 142

calculationsCollapse )

We now have 34 sorted members but only a 30% participation in sorting at best. But out of that 30%, about 89% of the votes used sigtags so that's a good thing. Just another friendly reminder to participate in community discussions, sorting and all that other good stuff. Please remember to continue promoting as well ^_^

~Kathy [sorting manager/actors co-captain]

P.S. Anybody want to see something new with the layout for easthighsorting? This includes the info page. Input is always appreciated.
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Other entries
» Changing the world, one musical at a time...

Name: Perpetua
Age: 15
Referral: disneychannel community

» Week 9
No apps came in this week =[

» Week 8 results
We've added two more actors, yet again.

o62506 (app)
and punkslives (app)
Total points earned this week: 8

None =[
Total points earned this week: 10

None =[
Total points earned this week: 17

No Votes
None =]

In juuust a second I'll edit this with the point totals for the week.

Meanwhile, I'd just like to encourage all members to participate a little more. The discussions are always open to everybody so feel free to put in your two cents. Also, suggestions are always welcome. We want to keep these communities active so that means we need your help and participation. Just a little friendly reminder. Hope you guys don't mind

~Kathy [sorting manager/actors co-captain]

PS Remember to always try to promote, but do it in moderation. If you see that a promotion in a community has already been made in the past week or few days prior to yours, find somewhere else. Congrats to the brainiacs for getting the most points this week. The big reason for that was because Sam had a referral so a tip of the hat to her!

One last thing then I promise to shut up in this post.
Clique Points
The Jocks -- 78
The Brainiacs -- 66
The Actors -- 76

Congratulations to the Jocks holding on to first place, but watch out, we actors just might pass you because of the two point difference. As for the brainiacs, promote like crazy and you could even kick both of our cliques butts. Anything is possible.
» No Musicals, you say? over my Dead Body.
Name: Yanti
Age: 15 
Referral: [info]meowshi


[I EDITED the last second question, thanks to those people who let me know. I didn't read teh question carefully necause I was in quite a rush. XD]
» Week 7 Results
Week Seven is over & done with, and each clique has gained some members!

jewelles2 (app.)
pinkishgirly (app.)
Total points earned through voting & refferals= 27

niicolefresh (app.)
Total Points earned through voting & refferals= 35

deepwonderment (app.)
racetrack91 (app.)
Total points earned through voting & refferals= 20

No Vote:

If you've been sorted, please go join easthighelite as well as your specific clique group. Have fun!

-Kait (sorting manager)

p.s.-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember when voting to mark the subject of your comment with your clique to make point distribution easier. Also remember to sign all your votes with your name or sig tag. Signing with your name gets you one point and signing with a sig tag gets you two points. Failure to sign your votes will result in no points gained.
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