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Week 10 results - East High Elite Sorting

About Week 10 results

Previous Entry Week 10 results Mar. 4th, 2007 @ 07:23 am Next Entry
We actually got an application!

Points earned this week: 6

trouble615 (app)
Points earned this week: 2

Points earned this week: 2

Clique point totals
Jocks - 268
Actors 197
Brainiacs - 128

The point totals are fairly accurate, but I'm going to go back and count again just in case.

Jocks - 281
Actors - 191
Brainiacs - 142

I'm thinking I screwed it up again because both the Jocks and the Brainiacs went up significantly but the Actors lost 6 points and no, I'm not just saying that because it's my clique. Anyways, here's an explanation of my calculations, if somebody could go back and check my work, I'd really appreciate it. I'll just warn you, we have 35 or so applications.

Points accumulated through votes:
Actors - 60
Brainiacs - 50
Jocks - 80

Points accumulated through sigtags:
Actors - 56
Brainiacs - 42
Jocks - 71

Number of referrals and points accumulated:
Actors - 9 referrals = 45 points
Brainiacs - 3 referrals = 15 points
Jocks - 12 referrals = 60 points

Results from first challenge:
Jocks - 70
Brainiacs - 35
Actors - 30

And you already know the totals... Each vote counted had the person's clique name in the subject line. Failure to put the clique resulted in 0 points added, but I gave you the points if you corrected yourself before the person was stamped. I counted all of Jamie's votes before she was sorted as Jocks points. Um... that's about it. Each vote is worth one point, each sigtag one point, and each referral five points. There's a big chance that I messed up somewhere because there were so many applications, but I have the point breakdowns for each application. If anybody wants to check my work or has a question about whether the point was counted in a certain entry, let me know and I'll check.

We now have 34 sorted members but only a 30% participation in sorting at best. But out of that 30%, about 89% of the votes used sigtags so that's a good thing. Just another friendly reminder to participate in community discussions, sorting and all that other good stuff. Please remember to continue promoting as well ^_^

~Kathy [sorting manager/actors co-captain]

P.S. Anybody want to see something new with the layout for easthighsorting? This includes the info page. Input is always appreciated.
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