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East High Elite Sorting

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Welcome to East High Elite (easthighelite), a sorting community based on the Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical. Each member here is sorted into three cliques: The Jocks, The Brainiacs, and The Actors.

Each member must be sorted before joining this community. Sorting takes place at easthighsorting. Please read the rules about sorting there, as well as complete the application found in its userinfo.

easthighelite easthighsorting
easthighjocks easthighbrains easthighactors

Moderator: britain [J]
Co-Moderator: voirs [J]
Co-Moderator: musical_junkie [B]

Sorting Manager: shownemotion [A]
Sorting Manager: supkaitrooney [A]

Actors Captain: spellbounded
Actors Co-Captain: shownemotion

Brainiacs Captain: tf_4_life_476
Brainiacs Co-Captain: meowshi

Jocks Captain: my_badgers_27
Jocks Co-Captain: britain

1. You are only allowed to sort once you have been sorted yourself.

2. You are only allowed to cast one vote. Your vote choices are: Jock, Brain, Actor, or No Vote.

3. You are only allowed to No vote if you don't feel a vibe from them OR if they did not answer the questions completely. You are not allowed to no vote for gramatical errors, wrong coding, etc. You must give a reason why you are giving them a No Vote.

4. You must sign your vote in order to recieve points. If you sign with a sig tag, you earn 2 points, rather than one.

5. If you refer someone, you earn 5 points.

6. For every person you sort, please put YOUR clique in the subject line, not where you are sorting them. It makes distributing points a lot easier.

1. Answer all questions completely and to the best you can. Pretend that there is a "why?" behind each question.

2. You are not allowed to comment on your sorting post, nor are you allowed to comment on anyone's post unless you are sorted.

3. Do not house bash/push for a clique. We'll know. We'll "No-Vote" you.

4. You must have read all the rules at easthighelite, as well as here.. To know you have read the rules, you must put the word "musical" somewhere in your subject line. Failure to do so will mean a rejection of your application.

Each week, 10-15 applications will be put into the community. Please be paitent while waiting to be sorted. Applications will be stamped every Sunday.

Copy and paste this into your journal entry and answer each question to the best of your ability.